Death to Nation
State Yer Hate
Batou Lake
Burn Berlin

Twilight of Your Idols
No Brain No Pain
White Noise Crisis
Society Undead
Bleak Street


It's the land of the fools, in the land of the blind
Selling religion and race, the so called patriots
It's the land of the fools - generation of ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance!
Placating the weak, with the borders they seek
Follow the one eyed man, its the future, your king
Epitomy of power and ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance!

Pre Chorus

They're spreading hatred, alienating, intimidating, in the name of nation (x2)

Scapegoating, propogating, race hatred…. fuck fuck fuck your nation!

Nothing has changed, no lessons are learnt
Hatred broods and it kills, in everything it subverts
Marching mindlessly proud and brimming with prejudice, prejudice, prejudice, prejudice!
The fascist ideal, in all of its forms
So senseless and vile, yet part of the norm
Society rejoices in prejudice, prejudice, prejudice, prejudice!

Pre Chorus


No Brain No Pain

No brain no pain
They put me away
Said out there in the madness
You have to stay

I watched the wrongs
The wretched the oppressed
The cannibalism of people
And the death

I saw the pain
So called third world
And the chosen few
Playing god

So I made my choice
I'm not going back
I went to the store
And got myself...


A lobotomy

Got a lobotomy
Short and sweet
I even sold the pieces
As dog meat

A lobotomy
Good and clean
Cant remember nuthin
It was all a dream

I got lobotimised
You should too
Never have to think again
Why should you

They go cheap
Go join the queue now
Before it's too late

White noise crisis

White noise crisis
Inertia sick, as days tick by
of nothingness
Information flux to fill this void
onwards and endless


White Noise Crisis
Eats us away

Homogenizing and desensitising
from infinity to insanity
repetition forces apathy
and absorbs us all

The modern world is drowning me
dont wanna be in society
lets make our own anarchy
and leave this shit behind… UH!

Society Undead

I woke up dead, in black and white
dim light from window, day as night,
sores and slashed, dark stains my skin,
another day, decay within.
The streets, in gloom, the abyss gaze,
Nameless dead walking, hunger raged
Street lepers, skulk in shadows,
hide from masters, from their predators.

Pre Chorus

Weŕe all undead
Waiting for the end
Dont want your money, they want our souls


Class so-ci-e-ty -
is eating itself alive
Capitalist Cannibals feed
Off humankind

Class so-ci-e-ty -
Eating the weak alive
Capitalist Cannibals feed
Off humankind

blackened hearts, the money fiends,
endless pain for endless needs,
Watch through the glass, the blind leads blind,
apocalypse now, into the night.
Woke up, more dead than yesterday,
Howls getting nearer, they coming for me,
All pawns in place, yeah I heard it before,
No winners, all losers, in the system we're born


Capitalism is Cannibalism

Death to Nation

This is an open letter to the state
of your poor judgements, your mistakes
treating immigrants like criminals
(dont) imprison them like animals

Yes lives of strangers from war-torn lands
they just cost you money, stress and
its easier to hide them well,
your dead conscience, their living hell

in i-sol-ation, in no-where,
in a camp, sound fa-mi-li-ar?
Refugees of today, fleeing death
this is their asylum at its best

Fuck the politicians, fuck the law
just want votes, youve forgotten bout the wars
that send the helpless to the unknown
in search of a new life alone

No person, No people
Are worthless, or illegal!!!

Escape from murder, to find it here,
Rahsepar, took his life in despair,
from wurzburg to berlin they marched,
defying their free movement at last

2 years later, on a roof,
stood the unsung heroes and the truth,
hundreds of police, waiting to feast,
on something willing to die to resist

Solidarity echoed through the streets
bringing established order to its knees
after 8 days with no sleep
the state allowed them to be human beings

Fuck the politicians, fuck the law
just want votes, forget about the wars
close yours camps, end isolation,
end death stop the deportation

State Yer Hate

Its a war against order, ordered insanity,
Think white walls will solve your problems,
against danger of reality
hear your trucks, grunt down our streets,
to watch what you dont understand,
to protect your ideals - normalise and reprimand

You exist to exit existence - State! Hate! Hate! State! (x2)

Smash up the state,
Smash it with hate,
Tear it to pieces and piss it away (x3)

Gentrification destroys everything, all within it's path
Whitewash of uniformity, on the culture of the past
So called regeneration, everything safe and clean
Fuck your middle class values, we'll destroy your bullshit dreams

Batou Lake

Send the proles to their deaths, in the factory,
Grind them down to the dirt where they can be free,
Destroy their minds, control their hands,
Mass production, of useless shit
no one even fucking needs, YEAH!

Were drowning, drowning away, sink to the bottom, of batou lake (x2)
Batou lake (x3)
Yeah i been thinking, about this global economy,
Where everything weaker, is abused for useless needs,
Watch the world collapse in its broken dreams,
Collective suicide in the waste of human greed, yeah!

Were drowning, drowning away, sink to the bottom, of batou lake (x3)
Batou lake (x3)

Burn Berlin

The grumble and splutter of police trucks on our street,
A constant reminder of this prison we live,
The only thing dangerous here are the police,
Provoking in silence, waiting to attack!
The politics, of the faceless, try to get back in,
What a farce of democracy, using fear as your game,
Police as your foot soldiers to intimidate,
Deflecting attention from the real problems we face.

Burn, Burn, Burn Berlin!
Your forced evictions - we meet with fire!

Burn, Burn, Burn Berlin!
This police action will drain your own system!

Fuck your order, your system, conformity,

The media, they follow, through cowardice,
The mouthpiece of politics, spreading their lies,
Naming and shaming to demonise,
Its this social hatred that destroys!

Pre Chorus


Bleak Street

Shards of glass in our food, making our gums bleed,
Chaos and lies in our air, for us all to breathe,
Find a way through the dusk to reality,
To get away from this mis-opportunity.


Cause the rules that your making
Are the laws that were breaking
Cause your just so fucking boring x 3

Cause the rules that your making
Are the laws that were breaking
Cause were just so fucking bored!!!

Suburbia, the thick fabric of banality,
Society, the creation of our apathy,
Destroy the walls made up by men and their fantasies,
A living hell in our so called normality